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About ARC, Antenatal Results & Choices

ARC is the only national charity helping parents and professionals through antenatal screening and its consequences.

OFFERS non-directive individualised information and support to parents who are making decisions around antenatal testing.

HELPS parents cope with the uncertainty and anxiety which is an inevitable part of the testing process.

RECOGNISES that expectant parents who are told that their baby has a significant anomaly need emotional support and practical information to make the right decision for them in their individual circumstances about how the pregnancy should proceed.

GIVES long term support to parents whatever decision is made about the future of their pregnancy through a national helpline, coordinated network of volunteer parent contacts, password-protected internet support forums, face-to-face meetings, regular newsletters and a range of publications for parents and their families.

PROVIDES specialised training for healthcare professionals so that they can respond both practically and emotionally to parents' needs.

REPRESENTS the views of ARC parents to Parliament, the media and decision makers.

Why does ARC exist?

In the UK approximately 800,000 women become pregnant every year and every one of these women will be offered some form of screening test, such as an ultrasound scan and/or a blood test. As a result more than 40,000 women will be told there is a risk that their baby may not be developing as expected. This causes a great deal of anxiety and uncertainty for expectant parents and their families.

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